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England's foremost producer of hand-crafted designer tiles produced in Devon's historic city of Exeter. Three collections offer a variety of colours, sizes, and finishes.
  • Residence
    Beautifully crafted hand finished tile with a rustic clay base that gives the Residence collection an undulating surface and uneven edges resulting in an Old World style suited for kitchens, dining areas, bathrooms and showers.
  • Classic
    The Classic series is glazed using a special waterfall glazing technique which normally results in two full glazed edges on each tile, eliminating the need for a special trim piece such as a bullnose. Trims are available for a refined look.
  • Artisan
    Soft colours with a timeless appeal. Inspired by nature and hand crafted by skilled artisans, this beautiful range of wall tiles and mouldings has a timeless appeal and will look beautiful in all settings, modern and traditional alike.