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Exotic coloured and textured stones that are precision-cut into unique shapes and sizes designed to fit together to produce truly unique and dramatic vertical surfaces.
  • Craftline Strip Cladding
    Offered in exotic Indonesian marbles, Craftline Strip Cladding is finished with a chipped surface that highlights each stones uniquely rugged texture. It can be used on its own or in combination with other wall tiles.
  • Large V Tile
    Like its siblings the VTile and VTile II, the Large VTile can be arranged in several different patterns and are sure to make an impact in any room.
  • Mini Split
    Slender strips of varying length arranged in a tight interlocking pattern create the refined appeal of Mini Split cladding. The subtle textures of the Mini Split cladding create a sophisticated surface for use on residential and commercial walls.
  • Parallels Cladding
    Parallels Cladding are an arrangement of varying widths of stone strips in an offset pattern. The natural dynamic of the stone has a beautiful modern look reminiscent of a stone wall found in nature.
  • Parallels V
    Parallels V tile integrates the dynamic relief of our VTile designs into a mesh backed tile of wedge shaped and flat tiles. The design creates surfaces that flow linearly across a wall.
  • Rustic Cladding
    Distinguished by the textured relief created by interlocking wedge shaped strips, the undulating surface of the Rustic Cladding along with subtle colour variations make it ideal for walls that you want to receive extra attention.
  • Rustic II
    Rustic II Cladding is distinguished by a new palette and different interlock design than the Rustic Cladding. The narrow tile can be installed horizontally or vertically; each creating a stunning effect. 
  • Strip Cladding
    Strips of natural stone that can be installed in various patterns to create feature walls that highlight the distinct personalities of our range of stones.
  • V Squares
    Square pieces wedged in diverging angles create a non-directional design distinctly different from the classic linear patterns of the VTile and Rustic Claddings. V Squares are a unique choice for feature walls.
  • VTile
    The Vtile is possibly the most versatile option from the cladding collection and can be installed in several different patterns. Subtle colour highlights and surface textures enhance its unique shape.
  • Uniform Cladding
    Slender strips of stone finished with a distinct hand chipped surface are placed in an interlocking format to create beautifully textured stone surfaces. .