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Combining advanced manufacturing, contemporary design, and timeless natural stone, the Profiles collection represents the cutting edge of modern stone surfaces for walls.
  • Crescent Interlock
    Crescent Interlock offers slender convex wedges meshed in an offset pattern. With matching pairs creating a classic wave pattern, a finished design appears alive with undulating stone weaving across the surface.
  • Crescent Interlock Mini
    A distinctively rugged take on the subtle slope of its rustic sibling. Crescent Rustic Mini offers short convex wedges meshed in an offset pattern that create a classic wave pattern.
  • Crescent VTile
    Crescent Vtiles are individual wedges with a curved surface and honed finish that can be laid out to create various unique surfaces. The product can be laid both horizontally or vertically in various offset patterns. 
  • Dunes
    Dunes are composed of elegantly drawn out subway tiles sculpted with an offset angled surface. This creates a modern tapering trapezoid relief that dances across the surface.
  • New Wave Mosaic
    The New Wave mosaic uses round crested honed rectangular stones to create a wavy surface. They create an ideal look where directional lighting will illuminate the unique relief created by the tile's gentle curves.
  • Paragon Chevron
    Paragon Chevrons blend precision cutting and surface sculpting to create a tapering angled relief resulting in a unique repeating chevron pattern that creates a distinctive surface for walls.
  • Paragon Hex
    The Paragon Hex blends precision cutting and surface sculpting to create a tapering angled relief. The unique pieces are placed in a hexagonal layout resulting in a seamless modern surface for walls.