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Stunning mosaics with contemporary patterns.
  • Mini Chevron
  • 1" Penny Round
    1” Penny Rounds mounted on a 12”x12” mesh.
  • 1" x 3" Herringbone
    A truly timeless pattern, the 1"x3" Herringbone has proven to be ideal for any room where you want an eye catching decoration.
  • 3/8" Penny Round
    3/8" Penny Rounds mounted on a 12"x12" mesh. **Special order only** Limited quantity available, please inquire.
  • Bubbles
    A mosaic with a random blend of 1.5", 1.2", 1", & ½" circular tiles, meshed on a 12"x12" sheet.
  • Basketweave
    The Basketweave is a familiar pattern often used on floors with a traditional style yet it is versatile enough to make a statement on walls and in modern styled spaces.
  • Floating Blocks
    Floating Blocks meshed on a 12"x12" sheet.
  • Ovals
    1.2" Ovals mounted on a 12"x12" sheet.
  • Pinwheel
    The Pinwheel is a playful pattern for when you want to introduce something a little out of the norm while keeping with a traditional aesthetic.