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  • 1" Hexagon
    A perennial in the tile world that looks great pretty much anywhere.
  • NEW
    2" Hexagon
    Introducing the 2" Hexagon, for times when you want to find the middle ground between the 1" and 3".
  • 3" Hexagon
    Like its little brother, this classic enhances any floor or wall!
  • 12" Hexagon
    These 12" Hexagons bring size and presence to larger areas where you want a traditional look in a contemporary space.
  • Honeycomb
    Straddling classic and contemporary styles, the Honeycomb makes a statement wherever it is installed and has become one of our most popular mosaics.
  • Long Hexagon
    A popular backsplash mosaic that doubles as an unexpected alternative mosaic on floors, the Long Hexagon puts a spin on a familiar shape.
  • Long Octagon
    This elongated geometrical pattern can be installed horizontally or vertically and is perfect for when you when you want to put a playful punch in a room.