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Full body porcelain made in Great Britain. Endless pattern possibilities available to create that true Victorian floor you have been searching for.
  • Colours
    Simple pattern or design can be elevated with colours which opens the door to endless colour combination and possibilities.
  • Shapes and Sizes
    Layouts and borders are made up with various shapes with different sizes.
  • Decorative Tiles
    Beautiful hand decorated designs that can be used as drop-ins within patterns and/or borders.
  • Panel Tile Sets
    These hand decorated tiles are the ideal complement to the plain colours.
  • Pattern Layouts
    The patterns, borders and corners can be created in any colour and combination you choose!
  • Borders and Corners
    The beauty of borders is their flexibility - they can be expanded or contracted by adding or removing rectangles or different widths to negotiate around trick and irregular angles and fill gaps around the edges.
  • Hand Glazed Borders
    Adding a border to a geometric floor pattern is like framing a beautiful picture - a border can enhance an intricate pattern and add interest to something less complex.