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  • Travertine
    Selecting the Travertine surface texture adds a rustic, pitted surface to any ARTO that can be used to complement other materials or create your own distinctive appearance.
    Reference #: 1524
  • Limestone
    The Limestone surface texture features an organic, weathered appearance, generally lightens the original color and is a great option for pools and where extra slip resistance is desired.
    Reference #: 1525
  • Luna
    Our most distressed surface texture, Luna is inspired by the craters, seas, valleys and other topographical features of the lunar surface for the ultimate expression of rustic elegance.
    Reference #: 1526
  • Standard
    The Standard texture varies from item to item and does not need to be specified. It is shown here only as a point of comparison. The Roman tile pictured features a very flat, smooth surface but other styles and items may feature rough or textured surfaces.
    Reference #: 1527
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